About us

GGD Stavanger was established by Toril Nag (a geek by profession, who loves gadgets and technology, with a degree in Computer Science)   in the fall of 2012, after inspiration from the GGD team in Oslo.

The aim of GGD is to inspire a new generation of technologists & support those in the industry at present. Follow us on Twitter: @SvgGirlGeek

 The GGD Stavanger Program Committee consists of:

  • Toril Nag, Executive Vice President Telecom at Lyse
  • Sonja Chirico Indrebø, Vice President/CIO of Statoil
  • Kristin Dahle Larsen, Senior System Engineer at Altibox
  • Tone Klepaker Skartveit, Head of Communication, Cegal as
  • Nina Bauer, Project Manager, EVRY
  • Hege Samuelsen, Team Lead, Sogeti Testing Serviecs, Cap Gemini
  • Mahtab Bahranizaden, Senior Analyst, Statoil

About Toril: www.linkedin.com/pub/toril-nag/3/bb8/850

About Sonja: www.linkedin.com/pub/sonja-chirico-indrebø/10/466/a87

About Kristin: www.linkedin.com/pub/kristin-dahle-larsen/1/960/a6a

About Tone: www.linkedin.com/in/toneskartveit/ 

About Nina: www.linkedin.com/pub/nina-bauer/b/626/357

About Hege: www.linkedin.com/pub/hege-samuelsen/1/953/b25

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